Roofing Victoria

Benefit from the expertise of a reliable and reputable roofing contractor specializing in both residential and commercial flat roofing. Whether you are looking for skilled roof installation, a licensed roof inspection, expert repair of a leaky residential roof, or experienced industrial roofing contractors you can depend on, the professional roofers at M & M Roofing offer a complete line of roofing services including emergency roof repair in Victoria.


A Superior Roofing Team

Finding an experienced roofer in Victoria to handle your roofing project is never a challenge with M & M Roofing specialists who offer the perfect combination of old-fashioned customer service along with advanced roofing technology. Consult with our certified team for any of the following:

New Roof Installation – Each roof installation we carry out in Victoria is supervised by a licensed member of the M & M Roofing team. We use only the highest quality materials and stand by our work with warranties that cover labor as well as roofing products. Offering a wide range of shingle categories to choose from, ask a member of our professional roofing team for helpful recommendations on choosing the roofing material best suited to your property.

Roof Maintenance and Roof Repair

No roofing project is too big or too small for the skilled M & M Roofing team dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We handle any roofing requirements from general roof maintenance, the skilled repair of a leaky roof at your home, or major roof repairs at your commercial location in Victoria.

Flat Roof Repair and Replacement – When weather and aging have worn down a flat roof in Victoria, M & M Roofing provides licensed roof inspections to spot roof problems early on and provides cost-effective maintenance that lengthens the life of your flat roof. When a flat roof requires replacement, our superior roofing experts provide a range of roofing solutions tailored to your budget.

Shingle Roof Repair and Replacement – Missing or worn-down shingles? We provide qualified roof repair for sloped roof problems in Victoria that also ensure metal flashings are secure, sealed and caulked, that vents are in good working condition and leaks and moisture problems are promptly dealt with. Call for a licensed inspection and preventive roof maintenance to save money in the long run.

Residential Roofing Repair – Due to our many years of experience with roof repair, Victoria homeowners turn to M & M Roofing for skilled workmanship for all roof repairs on any type of roofing including, asphalt and architectural shingles modified bitumen, built-up roofing and much more.

Commercial Roof Repair Our industrial roofing team in Victoria, is highly experienced with providing a range of roof solutions for large or smaller buildings including flat roof repair, built-up roofing that incorporates 4-ply hot asphalt, gravel and other commercial roof repair and maintenance programs that include emergency roof repair and green roofing options.

We provide honest assessments and complete each roofing project on time, and on budget. Equipped to handle large scale roofing projects for any major industry in Victoria, and highly experienced with carrying out repairs for leaky roofs at your family home, consult with M & M Roofing day or night for superior roofing services and a free roofing estimate.

Roof Installation for New Construction

For contractors and individuals who are working on new construction projects, our roof installation services are perfect. We build new roofs for both commercial and residential clients that are designed to last. Choose from a range of roof types including:

  • EPDM roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Modified bitumen roofs
  • Shingle roofs
  • Tile roofs

Applying time-tested roofing techniques, alongside using building materials within your budget, we build roofs that can weather the elements while remaining affordable.

Consultations for New Construction Roof Installation

When you become our client, we put your needs first at every step of the process. Whether it's for a commercial development project or new home construction for a private individual, establishing a good rapport comes first. You'll sit down with our team to establish the size and nature of your project, your budget and timeline.

Throughout the project, our goal is to maintain total transparency. We'll give you regular updates and, at your discretion, continue to work closely with you. That way, when the roof installation is complete, you will be just as happy with the finished product as we are. No surprises.

Roof Replacement for Existing Buildings

Do you need a new roof installed on an existing building? We can dismantle and rebuild your roof without damaging the existing structure. As always, we offer roof replacement services to both our commercial and residential clients. Our experienced roofers can handle all types of building projects and are always up for a challenge.

Do you have a roofing project in mind? Give us a call, and let's work out the details together.

Regular Roofing Inspections and Maintenance

Everyone on Vancouver Island knows how much it rains. Especially from October through May, it feels like the rain will never quit. All that moisture can cause some serious problems for your roof. From mold and mildew to erosion, leaks, and moss, excess moisture can cause your roofing system to breakdown prematurely. Unless you invest in regular maintenance checks and inspections.

M&M Roofing offers maintenance services for both commercial and residential clients to ensure their roofs can weather the elements long term. Our comprehensive inspections are designed to catch problems before they become problems. We'll then work with you to come up with a plan that will work for your schedule and budget. If you think your roof could use a check-up, inspection, or basic maintenance service, give us a call.

Roofing Services for Commercial and Residential Clients

Whether you need a roof installed, repaired, maintained, or inspected, M&M Roofing can help. We have years of expertise and the reputation to back it up. Our roofers are trained, insured, and licensed. We are the industry leaders in Victoria and the surrounding area. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the work stays within budget and exceeds all your expectations.

Call us today for a consultation and quote!