Tile Roofing Services

As a reputable local roofing company, M&M Roofing offers tile roof systems that are completely customized for either commercial or residential properties. As an attractive and practical alternative to more standard roofing applications, our licensed roofing specialists are skilled and experienced with adapting the latest tile roof designs with certified installation techniques and qualified tile roof repair.

One of the Area's Most Trusted Tile Roofing Companies

We take pride in our reputation as the local authority on tile roofing services. Over the years, our dedication to excellence and command of our craft has resonated with countless homeowners in our community.

Our deep-rooted understanding of local architectural nuances, combined with our expertise in various tile materials, ensures that every project we undertake meets both aesthetic preferences and durability standards.

Time and again, our clients commend us for our transparent communication, timely project completion, and keen attention to detail. When homeowners think of tile roofing in our region, M&M Roofing stands out for our expertise and unwavering commitment to the communities we serve.

Explore a Range of Tile Roof Options

Available in a range of limitless design options, today’s tile roofing options offer exceptional durability and energy efficiency that adapts to both cold and warm climates. In addition, M&M Roofing roof technicians offer advanced roofing technology that translates to superior protection from water infiltration and ice damage. With an advanced interlocking system that can be tailored to any roof surface, clients may choose from elegant and durable tile roof shingles available in a variety of colors, designs, shapes and sizes for impressive architectural stylishness that is unmatched by other roofing options.

Consult with M&M Roofing roofing experts for knowledgeable recommendations for choosing the tile roofing system most suitable to your property which include: 

  • Mission roof tile
  • Shake roof tile
  • Slate roof tile
  • Shingle roof tile
  • Concrete roof tile
  • Asphalt composition tile
  • Terracotta roof tile
  • Spanish tile
  • Mediterranean roof tile
  • Flat interlocking

Tile Roof System installation

An increasingly popular roofing choice for many property owners, it should be noted that tile roofing is heavier than standard roofing installations. Licensed and insured M&M Roofing roofing specialists provide professional assessments to determine if your home or commercial building is structurally suited to support a tile roof installation. Proper installation of a tile roof system involves more than just the application of basic roofing techniques and requires the skilled expertise and specialized equipment of qualified and experienced roofing professional.

The Very Best Tile Roof Repairs

We understand the unique characteristics and demands of tile roofing systems. Over the years, we've honed our expertise to provide top-tier tile roof replacement and repair services that cater to aesthetics and functionality.

Our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of various tile materials, from traditional clay and concrete to modern composite tiles. We thoroughly assess damages, source matching tiles, and execute repairs that seamlessly blend with the existing roof layout using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.

Our commitment doesn't stop there-we ensure that underlayment and flashing are in optimal condition to be sure our repairs create a watertight barrier that protects your property for many years to come. With our tile roofing contractors, your roof's integrity and longevity are in skilled and reliable hands.

Connect with us to learn more about what makes us the best choice for a tile roofer who goes above and beyond to equip your property with lasting roof repairs.

Expert Project Management for Tile Roofing Services

Exceptional tile roofing is as much about the work of installation as it is about the precision of project management. Our seasoned project management team is the backbone of every successful job we undertake. We have a deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies of tile roofing, guaranteeing that each installation or repair is up to code.

This expertise, coupled with a meticulous planning approach, ensures that our projects are executed to perfection and completed efficiently and punctually. From our initial assessment to the final tile placement, our project management works relentlessly behind the scenes, ensuring that every stage aligns seamlessly with the next.

You Have Tile Roofing Questions-We Have the Answers

We believe that an informed client is an empowered one. Recognizing the significant investment a tile roof represents for any property owner, our commitment extends beyond impeccable installations. We prioritize open and transparent communication, ensuring that every question, whether big or small, is addressed with clarity and precision.

Our team of experts takes the time to understand each client's unique needs and concerns, guiding them through the myriad of tile roofing options available. We provide insights on the benefits, longevity, and aesthetics of various tile materials and help clients align their choices with their budget and property aesthetics.

Ask our experts all your roof tiling questions during a risk-free initial consultation-phone us today to book yours.

Proven Energy Efficiency

M&M Roofing understands that cost and energy efficiency are important factors when choosing a roof system. Concrete tile roofing in particular, allows for natural air flow beneath roof tiles that can help reduce heating and cooling costs and keep your property cooler in summer and warm during winter months. Studies have shown that tile roof systems prevent heat loss by up to 70% in comparison to other roofing options.

More Tile Roof System benefits

One of the most long lasting and durable roof installations available to both home and business owners today, tile roofing will not only increase the beauty and value of your property but is eco ecologically efficient and is not manufactured with any chemical preservatives or environmentally harmful toxins. In use for centuries, clay tile roofing in particular, does not decay in humid climates and is highly impact and damage resistant even under extreme temperature fluctuations. In addition, due to its superior resistance to hail and fire damage, tile roofing may allow property owners to benefit from a reduction in insurance premiums due to its durability and protective features that even include resistance to seismic activity!

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